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Whether its your first season as a lacrosse parent or youve been here for awhile - please utlize these links to help you during your childs season

Easy rules for lacrosse:

More Rules:

Bcla Forms; player release, play downs, one game permits. etc

Parent Contract


It is the intention of this contract to promote fair play and respect for all participants within the Campbell River Lacrosse Association. The expectation is for parents to sign this pledge before their child participates in lacrosse and to observe the principals of Fair Play at all times, and to familiarize themselves with the Mission, Vision and Values of the Campbell River Lacrosse Association as found on the reverse of this contract.




I will not force my child to participate in lacrosse.

I will remember my child plays lacrosse for their enjoyment, not mine.

I will encourage my child to play by the rules and to resolve conflict without resorting to hostility or violence.

I will teach my child that doing one’s best is as important as winning.

I will make my child feel like a winner every time by offering praise for competing fairly and hard.

I will never ridicule or yell at my child for making a mistake or losing a game.

I will remember that children learn by example, and applaud good plays and performances by both my child’s team and their opponents.

I will never question the official’s judgment or honesty in public; I recognize officials are being developed in the same manner as players.

I will support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from children’s lacrosse games.

I will show respect and appreciation for volunteers who give their time to lacrosse for my child.

I will abide by the BCLA policies on harassment, bullying and cyber-bullying.

I will follow the rules, regulations and decisions as set by the Juan de Fuca Lacrosse association.



By signing, I confirm that I have read and understood the Fair Play Code and the Mission, Vision and Values as set forth by the Campbell River Lacrosse Association:


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Our mission is to provide the best minor lacrosse experience in British Columbia as we strive for the betterment of the game; our focus is on the athletic development of players, sportsmanship and our community.



The Campbell River Minor Lacrosse Association will be a leader in developing youth of all levels and abilities to their maximum potential through the game of lacrosse.



Depth of Character for our Players, Parents and all the participants in our sport, emphasizing:

Fair play;




Confidence; and


Criminal Record Checks


Attention all CR Volunteers or potential Volunteers,


If you are thinking about being a coach, assistant coach,  manager, door personnel, treasurer or actively helping with a team please review the following information.  


If your current Criminal Record Check (CRC) has expired or if you require your very first one to volunteer with Campbell River Lacrosse Association please click on the following link and submit the required form via Criminal Record Check BC. 

  • Online Link:
  • Access Code:


If you have any questions regarding the CRC process please feel free to contact Sarah Thomas at